Harold J Newcome (halnewcome) wrote,
Harold J Newcome

Saw IV review roundup

As much as I like movies, I like slagging them even better. The only problem with that pasttime is suffering through the bad movies. This is why I really love Rotten Tomatoes.

I'll probably never have the patience to see Saw IV, I used it all up on Saw III. So here're the key phrases from the critic's comments. Read them all at once and then go punch a kitten.

slavishly photographed grotesquery
feels like cynical photocopying [what?]
depleted of imagination
an ugly mess
incomprehensible cacophony
degrading and debasing
obviously doesn't care
excessively convoluted rehash
ultimately empty
The Syriana of slasher films
find themselves rolling their eyes ... impossibly convoluted
impossibly convoluted
undeniably feels like a sloppily thrown-together rush job
cringingly moronic
a knee-buckling case of cinematic depression

And real quick, "Good Luck Chuck", about a month late:
gross, incredibly vile, devoid of real emotion, shameful waste, harboring a fundamental hatred of women, ham-fisted, raunchy, boring, slimy, scummy, yechh, soft-core male indulgence, no more Dane Cook!, painful, pathetic waste of celluloid, ewww, desperately unfunny, unoriginal, cheap, no intelligence, tiresome, rather messy in a lot of ways, boorish, smutty, stupid, drek

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